15977379_10211820089596452_3098991192282838436_nMe – Romy Lienhard

Photographer, Traveller, Surfer with a passion for mother earth. Pura Vida!
My mission: Discover the World and share the best moments with people not able to travel.

My travel fever started years ago when I was a young girl. My brother and me we had the chance to travel a lot with our parents. Every year we went to visit another amazing place somewhere in the world. Now travelling is my true passion. I try to discover other countries, cultures and nature as often as I can. I usually get the urge to leave and see something new every few months; to smell a new spice, ride a new wave, talk to someone new, learn a new language and get inspiration….

But deep in my heart I really love my home country, Switzerland has it all – just the beach is far away. Switzerland is full of natural phenomenons, spectacular mountains and tons of unique pictoresque places. One of my galleries is dedicated to my home. I just started a few years ago with regular weekend trips to see more of my country and was just amazed of the variety, the views and the nature. And there is so much more to see and to visit, so stay tuned for more pictures.

I will keep on travelling as much as I can, to stay inspired and able to share more impressions from all over the World.

Have fun while rummaging in my page and I’m always happy to hear your feedback.

Pura Vida


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