The south eastern part of Switzerland offers stunning nature, the fourth official language, cool people and good times for sure.  I still haven’t seen a lot of this Canton, but discovering it slightly. More to come regularly.

Caumasee & Crestasee – Caribbean beauty

Where the Caribbean clear water meets mountain lakes. I visited Caumasee during different seasons, I can’t say which season I would prefer as all of them are unique and breathtaking. Not only the reflections in the water, but the color of the water itself is unbelievable. Will never get tired of exploring the region.


Jöriseen – Davos by night

The biggest mountain city and it’s surrounding area is always worth a visit. No matter if you want to go on a hike, an alpine tour, skiing or just relax – there is something for everyone.


Engadin – the country of mountain lakes and national park

This southern part of Graubünden is probably one of the most diverse environment in Switzerland. Hundreds of peaks grant you spectacular views, hundreds of mountain lakes refresh you in summer, hundreds of kilometers of trails (hiking and bike) offer you to explore the region. I just saw a small part yet, but stay tuned for more impressions.

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