Maldives – pure surf!

You want to surf the Maldives? But it’s flat!
I can’t remember how many times I have been asked. Yes, I had some of the best surf trips ever on the local island called “Himmafushi”. Homebreak is the famous “Jails”, named after an old jail on the island. Himmasfushi is a small and totally laidback local island, with no hotel resort on it. The advantages are clearly only a small number of other tourists, and the chance to experience the local life. The Maldivans are very religious, the world stops turing  5 times a day when everybody is praying in the island mosque. After a while you get to know the timings, when to avoid an emergency grocery trip, as shops are closed as well. The people are amazing, open friendly and always good for a chat. Women usually stay at home, and wear a black full body burka. Girls should keep in mind that shoulders and knees should be covered when walking along the island.

What about the surf?
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