Dominican Wave Hunters

Imagine perfect tubes, glassy shaped sets surrounded by Caribbean beauty. The waves of the Dominican Republic are the most consistens and powerful in the whole Caribbean. The North Shore is well known as the Surf Mekka, not only for Kite- and Windsurfers but also for Surfers. As the main spot can be a bit crowded, you need a local buddy to bring you to the secret spots. Surf your own wave in front of a palm framed beach, enjoy a big choice of Fun Beach Breaks or heavy Reef Breaks. The coastline is full of hidden treasures, you just need to escape and discover them with us!

Who are we?
Dominican Wave Hunters are based in Cabarete, the North Coast of The Dominican Republic. Combined we have dozens of years of experience from travelling around the globe in search of great waves, great shots and great experiences. All this extraordinary time spent in the wide world got combined in the concept of the Dominican Wave Hunters: Good people, new friends and happy times. To feel great, to have fun, to evolve and to progress. That’s what it is all about. The social aspect of all trips and travels is the most important and most memorable point. This is what we have built in Cabarete at the Dominican Wave Hunters Surf Villa. Good people become new friends and share the same lifestyle, always looking for a wave. To layback with a breathtaking view, to hear the wind blowing – it’s what a perfect surf day completes. The Dominican Wave Hunters Team, experienced as native locals, will show you the best ways to relax in the tropical paradise.

The Dominican Wave Hunters Team is fully committed to the surf sport. We want you to experience great things, in optimal conditions, for your respective level. We want you to profit most of your trip and improve your skills in the best and sustainable way, whether you are a beginner or a pro, and that’s is why we offer instructions with qualified coaches. Through using the best instructors and having world class team riders we make sure that even the most experienced surfer has a great platform for improvements at our camp.

See our special offers and contact us for any questions.

We are looking forward to a grrat surf session with you and your friends.

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